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You have come to Finking Cap, the place to be to learn the kind of Finnish that you’ll actually need in real life. I’m Emmi, and I’m here to teach you Finnish online. In this blog, I share Finnish grammar tutorials, listening exercises, vocabulary lessons and tips on how to make your Finnish more expressive.

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Coming in 2024: My online course on the Finnish cases

Do you already speak some Finnish and want to take your Finnish to a more polished level? My Finnish grammar course “Case by Case” is one of my most popular Finnish grammar courses. It is currently accessible to the members of the Finking Cap Club, but soon I will be making it available to buy as an individual course. Sign up for updates!

Blog posts

Finnish cases: Partitive plural in example sentences

This video is about the Finnish partitive plural in example sentences. Just listen to the sentences, pause the video and repeat them after me if you like. Don’t think about the grammar too much. The goal is to get used to hearing the partitive plural.

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Words from the Finnish Eurovision song 2023

A few Finnish words from the Finnish Eurovision entry 2023

One of the most exciting things about Finland’s Eurovision song is that it’s in Finnish. You can easily get Google to translate the lyrics for you, but I noticed there were a couple of Finnish words and expressions that Google had trouble understanding. Read on to learn more about them!

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Finnish word cluster: tieto

Have you ever learned Finnish vocabulary in clusters like this? In this video, I’ll show you an example of how you can spin the Finnish word tieto and make a list of words that are somehow related to it.

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