Mikä se on? vs. Mitä se on?

“Mikä se on?” or “Mitä se on?” – What’s the difference? The interrogatives ‘mitä’ and ‘mikä’ can be tough, but here’s a video that explains the choice between those two questions.

Why on earth? Why the h***?

When you don’t understand why someone is doing what they’re doing, you can express your confusion or perplexity in English by saying “Why on earth?” Read on to find out how to say this in Finnish and how to tweak this sentence further. (NB! The end of the article contains swear words, both in the text and the audio.)

A compact guide to the accusative

So you’ve figured out when to use the accusative and when to choose the partitive. But wait, what’s that? There are two types of accusative?

Akkusatiivi vai partitiivi?

Check out these example sentences to find out more about when to use the accusative or the partitive case.