Ever get confused with the Finnish verbs saada, osata and voida? You’re not alone. The Finnish verbs saada, osata and voida are quite similar in meaning but I’ve noticed that they may take a while to master.

Compare these two sentences:

Minä osaan ajaa autoa. = I know how to drive a car.

Minä saan ajaa autoa. = I am allowed to drive a car.

Pretty different, right? If you want to learn more and practice, go ahead and download my PDF worksheet. It will help you understand how to use the verbs saada, osata and voida. I’ve included lots of helpful example sentences. They answer key is on the PDF but if you want to practise your listening skills, scroll down this page to listen to the key!

Ps. If you are a Finnish teacher, please email me (emmi(at)finkingcap.com) before using my resources in your teaching.

PDF Worksheet on 3 common verbs

PDF Worksheet on 3 common verbs

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