Finnish pregnancy words

Are you, your partner or someone close to you expecting a child and you want to learn some pregnancy-related words in Finnish? Knowing what to say in Finnish, even if it’s just a few words, is important when it’s about health. Here are a few useful words that you may need to know.

Some of the words are very basic, and some of them are words that you will probably need when you or your partner go to see health professionals in the antenatal care unit, which is called neuvola in Finnish. After the vocabulary list, you will also find some sentences related to pregnancy and childbirth.

  • raskaus – pregnancy

  • raskausviikko – pregnancy week

  • raskaustesti – pregnancy test

  • olen raskaana – I’m pregnant

  • äitiysneuvola – antenatal care unit

  • ensimmäinen neuvolakäynti – the first visit to the antenatal care unit

  • terveydenhoitaja – midwife / nurse

  • laskettu aika – due date

  • ovulaatio – ovulation

  • kuukautiset – period

  • viimeiset kuukautiset – the latest period

  • kuukautiset ovat myöhässä – period is late

  • verikoe – blood test

  • käydä verikokeessa – to go and get a blood test

  • hormonit – the hormones

  • verinen vuoto – bleeding / bloody discharge

  • varata aika – to book an appointment

  • neuvolalääkäri – antenatal doctor

  • lääkäriaika – doctor’s appointment

  • verenpaine – blood pressure

  • sairaus – illness

  • äitiyskortti – maternity card (they write things like your blood pressure and Hb on it to keep track of your health)

  • liikunta – exercise

  • esitietolomake – preliminary information form

  • täyttää esitietolomake – to fill in the preliminary information form

  • odottava äiti – the expecting mother

  • äidin paino – the mother’s weight

  • äidin pituus – the mother’s height

  • mitata – to measure

  • punnita – to weigh

  • vaaka – the scales

  • virtsanäyte (also: pissanäyte) – urine sample

  • veriryhmä – blood type

  • vanhemmuus – parenting, being a parent

  • sokerirasitustesti – glucose tolerance test

  • vauva-arki – everyday life with a baby

  • hemoglobiini – hemoglobin

  • neula – needle

  • pelkään neuloja – I’m scared of needles

  • korkea verenpaine – high blood pressure

  • matala verenpaine – low blood pressure

  • seulonta – screening

  • sikiö – fetus

  • sikiöseulonta – prenatal screening

  • ultraäänitutkimus – ultrasound scan

  • emätin – vagina

  • käydä ultrassa – to have an ultrasound scan

  • niskapoimu – nuchal fold

  • rokotus – vaccination

  • sydämen syke – heartbeat

  • raskauden kesto – duration of the pregnancy

  • perinnöllinen sairaus – hereditary disease

  • tartuntatauti – infectious disease

  • keskenmeno – miscarriage

  • saada keskenmeno – to have a miscarriage

  • äitiyspakkaus – maternity box (the baby box that you get from KELA to prepare for the arrival of the baby)

  • raskaustodistus – proof of pregnancy


Example sentences


How to tell people about the pregnancy

Meille tulee vauva. = We’re having a baby.

Olen raskaana. = I’m pregnant.

Vauva syntyy helmikuussa. = The baby is due (“will be born) in February.

Laskettu aika on helmikuussa. = The due date is in February.


The bump and morning sickness

Alussa minulla oli pahoinvointia. = In the beginning, I had nausea.

Oksensin joka päivä. = I vomited every day.

Nyt helpottaa. = It’s getting easier now.

En ole oksentanut kertaakaan. = I haven’t vomited once.

Vauvamaha ei näy vielä. = The bump isn’t showing yet.

Vauvamaha näkyy jo. = The bump is showing already.

Maha kasvaa tosi nopeasti. = The bump is growing really fast.



Synnytyksessä saa olla mukana yksi tukihenkilö. = You’re allowed to have one support person during childbirth. (“One support person can be there for the childbirth.”)

Vauva syntyi keskiyöllä. = The baby was born at midnight.

Vauva syntyi alateitse. = The baby was born vaginally.

Vauva syntyi sektiolla. = The baby was born via a cesarean.

Haluan synnyttää alateitse. = I want to give birth vaginally.

Haluan sektion. = I want a cesarean.


Difficult topics

Synnytys pelottaa minua. = Labour scares me.

Sain keskenmenon. = I had a miscarriage.

Pelkään keskenmenoa. = I’m scared of having a miscarriage.

Vanhemmuus ahdistaa minua. = Parenthood makes me anxious.

Onkohan vauvalla kaikki hyvin? = I wonder if the baby is alright.