Train your ear for fast Finnish. You’ll need it in real life!

The topic for this mini listening exercise is Kaupassa / Shopping. You will learn 2 sentences that you may hear in the context of a supermarket or other store.

Listen to the sentence, and write it down or repeat it. Then check the answer below the video.

You will first hear me say the sentence at the normal pace. Then, you will hear the slow version.

Scroll down for the answer…



  1. Missä teil on pakastepitsat?

    Standard Finnish: Missä teillä on pakastepitsat?


    Where are the frozen pizzas? / Where do you keep the frozen pizzas?

  2. Mä etin luomuporkkanoita.

    Standard Finnish: Minä etsin luomuporkkanoita.


    I’m looking for organic carrots.

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