The topic for this mini listening exercise is Asiakaspalvelutilanteita – Customer service scenarios.You will learn 2 sentences in Finnish that are related to customer service in a store.

Here’s what to do:

Listen to the sentence, and write it down or repeat it. Then check the answers below the video. You will first hear me say the sentence at the normal pace. Then, you will hear the slow version.


Scroll down for the answer…






  1. .Voinks mä varata tän ja tulla huomenna hakemaa?

    Standard Finnish: Voinko minä varata tämän ja tulla huomenna hakemaan?

    English: Could I reserve this and come pick it up tomorrow?


  2. Mä voin varata tän sulle.

    Standard Finnish: Minä voin varata tämän sinulle.

    English: I can reserve this for you.

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