Learn Finnish verbs and simple Finnish example sentences. In part 1, we’ll go through 29 common verbs in Finnish. You will hear the basic form (the “dictionary form”) of the verb and a couple of Finnish phrases, so that you actually hear the verbs in use.

The verbs mentioned:

olla – to be

saada – to get, to receive, to be allowed (See my post about saada)

opiskella – to study

tulla – to come

tehdä – to make

pitää – to like, must (Read my post about the verb pitää)

sanoa – to say

kertoa – to tell

jäädä – to stay

ottaa – to take

antaa – to give

haluta – to want

alkaa – to begin, to start

käydä – to visit, to go, to suit (someone) (Watch my video about the verb käydä)

toimia – to work, to function

mennä – to go

käyttää – to use

kuulua – to belong, to be audible

lähteä – to leave

tarvita – to need

muistaa – to remember

nousta – to get up

nähdä – to see

seurata – to follow

tietää – to know

maksaa – to pay

vaatia – to demand

löytyä – to be found

tuoda – to bring

These basic Finnish verbs and common phrases will help you get through everyday situations in Finnish, so keep learning, even if it means just listening to the sentences while you’re commuting or cleaning!

If you want to learn more about Finnish verbs (the Finnish verb types, verb tenses and advanced participle forms), head to the Finking Cap Club, my membership site for Finnish learners!

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