In this video, you will learn how to form questions in Finnish, for example “Do you have…?”. If you know how to say “You have X”, then it’s pretty easy to turn it into a question “Do you have X?”.

How do you ask the question “I have an idea”? in Finnish?

First of all, do not even think about using minä. Use minulla instead.

Minulla on idea. = I have an idea.

minulla on = I have
sinulla on = you have
hänellä on = he/she has

meillä on = we have
teillä on = you have (plural “you”)
heillä on = they have

How do you ask the question “Do you have an idea?”

First, you have to know how to say the sentence “You have an idea” – which is not a question, but it’s the first step. This is how you say “You have an idea” in Finnish:

Sinulla on idea. = You have an idea.

Now, let’s turn that into a question.

  • Take the verb on and put it in the beginning of the sentence.
  • Add –ko to turn it into a question: onko
  • And that’s it!

Onko sinulla idea? = Do you have an idea?

Click on the + signs to learn more about the expressions.


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