In an earlier post, I taught you how to ask a question like “Onko sinulla auto?” (“Do you have a car?”) in Finnish. Let’s continue with a different kind of closed questions in Finnish. How do you say “Does Harri have a car?” in Finnish? Watch this video to find out!

Let’s think back to my Part 1 blog post on how to form questions in Finnish

You have previously learnt the following structures

  • minulla on… = I have
  • sinulla on… = you have
  • onko sinulla…? = do you have…?

What if we’re not using a personal pronoun but a name instead?

Harri is a Finnish name. What do you think the following sentence means?

Harrilla on auto.

That’s right, it means “Harri has a car”. We’ve added -lla to the end of the basic form Harri, which is needed in “to have something” sentences in Finnish.

How do you turn this into the Finnish question “Does Harri have a car?”

First, take the verb on, put it in the beginning and add –ko to it:


And just add the rest of the sentence to it:

Onko Harrilla auto? = Does Harri have a car?

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