Finnish snow words

Did you know there’s a word for the kind of snow that you can make a snowman with? What is the powdery kind of snow called in Finnish? Watch this video to find out!

The Finnish word VUOSI

The Finnish word VUOSI

The Finnish word vuosi means “year”. Vuosi has several different stems, which means the word can look quite different in different sentences. In this blog post, you will learn a few Finnish expressions and sentences with the word vuosi in them.

Kitchen utensils in Finnish

In this blog post and video, you will learn some everyday Finnish vocabulary: the kitchen utensils in Finnish. Each word comes with an example sentence.

How to use the Finnish word AIKA

The Finnish word for “time” is AIKA. That’s the nominative – the “basic” form. But you’ll see that you actually encounter AIKA more in its other forms. Watch this video to learn 6 common expressions with AIKA.

How to say “I’m pregnant” in Finnish

Finnish pregnancy words

Are you, your partner or someone close to you expecting a child and you want to learn some pregnancy-related words in Finnish? Here are a few useful words that you may need to know.

Days of the week in Finnish

Weekdays in Finnish

Watch this video to learn the weekdays in Finnish! You’ll not only learn the basic forms of the weekdays, but you’ll also learn a few simple example sentences to go with them. Some sentences come in 2 different versions: Standard Finnish and spoken Finnish.

Finnish vocabulary video: Things around the house

Finnish home vocabulary

Watch this video to learn a few Finnish words and expressions that you can use around the house. In some of the examples, you will hear two versions: a standard Finnish version and a spoken Finnish version.