How to say “Really?” in Finnish?

How do you say “Really?” in Finnish when you want to express surprise or interest?  Imagine someone tells you that they went to the gym this morning: Mä kävin salilla tänä aamuna. This surprises you and you want to say something like: “Really?” or “Did you?”. What do you say? There are a few different […]

Days of the week in Finnish

Weekdays in Finnish

Watch this video to learn the weekdays in Finnish! You’ll not only learn the basic forms of the weekdays, but you’ll also learn a few simple example sentences to go with them. Some sentences come in 2 different versions: Standard Finnish and spoken Finnish.

Finnish vocabulary video: Things around the house

Finnish home vocabulary

Watch this video to learn a few Finnish words and expressions that you can use around the house. In some of the examples, you will hear two versions: a standard Finnish version and a spoken Finnish version.

Mini listening Exercise: Customer service

In this video, you will hear a couple of Finnish sentences that you might need in customer service in a store. Write down what you hear, and check the spelling, the standard Finnish version and the English translation!

Mini Listening Exercise: Kaupassa

Do you struggle to understand fast spoken Finnish? Train your ear with this mini listening exercise. Grab a pen and paper, and write down what you hear!