The Finnish participles vol. 1

What does the active first participle in the Finnish language look like? Here’s a short explanation on this Finnish grammar topic.

Mikä se on? vs. Mitä se on?

“Mikä se on?” or “Mitä se on?” – What’s the difference? The interrogatives ‘mitä’ and ‘mikä’ can be tough, but here’s a video that explains the choice between those two questions.

The Finnish partitive in sentences

Finish this sentence with an adjective: “Nukkuminen on …” Did you put it in the partitive case? You should! Read this post to find out more.

The importance of the Finnish verb types

One of the things your teacher may teach you in your Finnish class is the verb system. In this post, I’ll be talking about the reasons why learning the Finnish verb types will boost your Finnish studies.

A compact guide to the accusative

So you’ve figured out when to use the accusative and when to choose the partitive. But wait, what’s that? There are two types of accusative?