Finnish snow words

Did you know there’s a word for the kind of snow that you can make a snowman with? What is the powdery kind of snow called in Finnish? Watch this video to find out!

How to say “Really?” in Finnish?

How do you say “Really?” in Finnish when you want to express surprise or interest?  Imagine someone tells you that they went to the gym this morning: Mä kävin salilla tänä aamuna. This surprises you and you want to say something like: “Really?” or “Did you?”. What do you say? There are a few different […]

The Finnish word VUOSI

The Finnish word VUOSI

The Finnish word vuosi means “year”. Vuosi has several different stems, which means the word can look quite different in different sentences. In this blog post, you will learn a few Finnish expressions and sentences with the word vuosi in them.

How to use the Finnish verb PITÄÄ

The Finnish verb PITÄÄ is extremely common and so incredible versatile that even Finns are overwhelmed when they start listing the different meanings it can have. Watch this video to learn how to use PITÄÄ.

Kitchen utensils in Finnish

In this blog post and video, you will learn some everyday Finnish vocabulary: the kitchen utensils in Finnish. Each word comes with an example sentence.

How to use the Finnish word AIKA

The Finnish word for “time” is AIKA. That’s the nominative – the “basic” form. But you’ll see that you actually encounter AIKA more in its other forms. Watch this video to learn 6 common expressions with AIKA.

How to talk to talk about your morning in the past tense in Finnish

How to talk about your morning in Finnish

Most of us chat to other people about our mornings, right? This short text describes one morning’s event’s in a person’s life, in the past tense, of course. You’ll learn plenty of examples of the Finnish imperfekti here! Watch the video in spoken Finnish, then compare it with the standard Finnish version.