Welcome to Finking Cap!


I’m excited to have you here! If you want to boost your Finnish language studies, you’ve come to the right place. I’m a native Finnish speaker and a keen language learner myself so I know all about the process you’re going through. I created Finking Cap so that I could help Finnish learners from all over the world advance in their language studies. My aim is to provide content that helps you understand how Finnish is really used. Puhekieli, the Finnish spoken language, plays a big part in my online courses!

It would be great to know what you’re learning at the moment. If you have any ideas, comments or wishes, just send me an email (emmi(at)finkingcap.com). You can also ask me about 1-1 online lessons – I have a few spots available if you’re looking for individual help training for your Finnish YKI test, for example.

Nähdään pian!

Photo: Tapani Olkku