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I’m Emmi, and I’m here to teach you Finnish online. In this blog, I share Finnish grammar tutorials, listening exercises, vocabulary lessons and tips on how to make your Finnish more expressive.

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Online course on the Finnish cases

If you’re after a solid online grammar course on the Finnish cases, my Case by Case course (also accessible inside the Finking Cap Club) is now available for purchase as a standalone course.

Blog posts


“Have” in Finnish and family talk

How do you talk about family and how do you say “I have” or “Do you have” in Finnish? Listen to a short dialogue and then we’ll go through the dialogue and the spoken Finnish structures in it.

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Common Finnish Verbs Part 3

Common Finnish Verbs Part 3

It’s time for the third part of my popular Youtube series “Common Finnish Verbs”. In this video, you will learn 17 Finnish verbs that you are guaranteed to need when you live in Finland or use Finnish on a daily basis.

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Common Finnish verbs part 2

Common Finnish Verbs part 2

This video is the second part of my Youtube series on common Finnish verbs. Learn the basic form and a couple of very common example sentences that you can use in your everyday life.

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